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Conferencia de prensa de Roger Federer tras proclamarse campeón del ATP 500 de Dubai (Emiratos Árabes).

Saludos amigos/as

Aquí os pongo la rueda de prensa de Roger Federer tras proclamarse campeón del ATP 500 de Dubai (Emiratos Árabes), tras ganar en la final a Andy Murray por 7-5 y 6-4.

El suizo se ha mostrado muy contento con su estado de forma actual, donde ha ganado 5 de los últimos 7 torneos que ha disputado y se siente ilusionado y con confianza para afrontar los próximos retos.

La rueda de prensa está en inglés pero pueden traducirla con la herramienta para traducir que tenemos en nuestro blog (justo a la derecha debajo del reloj y el tiempo).

Q. What made the difference tonight?

ROGER FEDERER: Couple of the bigpoints, I guess. I mean, he had chances first inthe first set. I have a feeling if he breaks methere I'm probably not going to come back, eventhough I had sort of half chances in the firstcouple service games of Andy. 30-All I thinktwice and second serves and a volley I should have made to get break point.

But the match was close I think in both sets. I just gave myself more opportunities than
Andy did overall. I felt really good out theretonight. You know, I felt calm knowing what I
wanted to do. I think the surface, I used it to my advantage, which in the last year's finals I
couldn't or didn't. I think that was a big thingtonight as well.

Maybe Andy didn't serve his very besttonight, but maybe that comes through my good
returning. I don't know. I anticipated well.Overall I think I played a really good match on
my service games all week. I didn't have manyhiccups except make the one and got the break
maybe shouldn't have. Andy did well to hang inthere and make it difficult for me there.

Q. Were you worried when he broke back?

ROGER FEDERER: I guess normally Iwould be, but tonight for some reason I was
calm. I know what a great return player Andy is, and I knew this was going to be the most difficultmatch because he is the best return player in the game.

I knew he was probably going to breakme, so I kind of I don't want to say expected it,
but I took it easily and said, At least I had the break. At least it's back even. I just have to make sure I stay ahead of him; I did.

Then I kind of broke him nicely at 4-all. So it was a big 15, 20 minutes right there. I'm
happy I had a great forehand on match point. Itwas a good feeling.

Q. How confident are you now afterwinning five of the last seven ATP events?

ROGER FEDERER: It's great. There is no substitute to confidence. I've played great.
It's not just that I've taken my chances. I really thought I played a good tournament here. I
played a great tournament in Rotterdam. I knew how big that match was for me
against Davydenko when I was down 4-all, Love-40 in the third or down 6-3, 3-1 over there.
I could go still and run if I weren't able to beat Davydenko in that semis.

Also the end of last year was exceptional, so it's nice to also win a tournament
outdoors now. That gives me hope that I can carry it over to Indian Wells and Miami.
But, yeah, I'm just, again, like I said, this tournament is really tough. Eight of the top ten
players were here. I didn't drop a set. To win the tournament this way, it's very, very nice.

Q. Through that stretch what's been the key for you?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, health clearly has to be there with the amount of matches I've
played, because I've played a full schedule. I played a lot of tennis. I think the six weeks I took
off after Davis Cup and the US Open was necessary if I wanted to play that much and that

So that was a good decision. Obviously I'm still sad I didn't go Shanghai last year
because it's such a wonderful tournament. In hindsight, maybe it was the right thing to do. I
played great in Australia as well. Obviously Davis Cup was tough.

I think I was just confident. I was playing aggressive. I was focused. I didn't doubt my
ability. I'm defending much better than maybe I was in the middle of last year where I felt like I
couldn't come out of tough defensive positions anymore. I was able to sort of turn it around.

It started midway through the French Open and then through Wimbledon, even though
I ended up losing. But I felt like my game was very good. That's proved I was heading in the
right direction. Now just have to keep it up.

Q. There are not too many tournaments where you've been in the final
seven times. What does that mean?.

ROGER FEDERER: It's nice. Look, obviously the more you play the more chances
you can give yourself. This has been one of the tournaments I had a rocky start to Dubai. I was
criticized for not giving the best effort when I lost toe Rainier Schuettler here year ago. That was
tough for me because I was in the second round in singles and doubles.

So for people to question me was not very nice. I know the last two games weren't
beautiful, but, you know, it's a quick court and quickly can look in a way that you're not
interested. Rainier was better in that match.

For me to then come back the following year and win the tournament and win so often
now is a beautiful thing. Yeah, it's definitely got a special place in my heart, this tournament here.

Q. You can obviously play in different ways and you're a versatile player. Do you
feel over the years you've become a more assertive player and that's the difference?.


Q. Aggressive.

ROGER FEDERER: Looking back how I played Sampras in 2001, I was serve and
volleying most of the time on first serves. So I definitely played more aggressive when was
younger just because I didn't believe in my ability from the baseline against the likes of Agassi,
Ferrer, Nalbandian, you name it.

So for me, that was a big, big step into the very top of the ranking, I would say, to
actually improve my baseline game. Then I couldn't believe how great I became from the
baseline. Then obviously at times, because it was working so well, I just maintained that.
And then down the stretch you start adjusting certain things like playing a bit more
aggressive. And this court allows that, too. I took advantage of it, like I mentioned.
Against Andy I knew I had to stay aggressive. But not overly. You don't want to
overhit. I think I found the right balance out there tonight.

Q. We heard yesterday that you refused to play an exhibition against Rafa in
Spain in July. What were the reasons for saying no?

ROGER FEDERER: I didn't refuse. Don't place words in my mouth. I'm not saying
you are, but I don't want that word going around
Spain. I was excited about the idea. I mentioned dates I could do it. It was difficult to find the right dates.

I don't know the latest actually. It might still happen. Might not. May be Rafa will do it
with a different player. But I have a busy schedule, and I think they were looking at a date between Wimbledon and the Olympics. I just felt it was a tough date, the one he gave me, so I don't know what exactly he is.

But maybe we've stopped talk or we're still talking. I'll see him in a few days and who knows if we'll all of a sudden have a solution or not.

Q. This title could be better if you win against Djokovic?

ROGER FEDERER: No, no. This is perfect. This is great. Any title is a good one, I'll
tell you that.
Yeah, I have a losing record against Murray, I do believe, and not against Novak. So
I've actually struggled more against Murray in the past. So maybe this victory I don't want say
means more to me, but it's a beautiful victory.

I haven't won here in five years. In tennis you only have to beat whoever is across
the net from you. Murray did play much better than Novak in that semis, so I played the best
other player in the draw.

I'm very happy with my win this week, in particular against Murray tonight.

Q. Talk about the atmosphere out there tonight.

ROGER FEDERER: Special. Yeah, I mean, coming out Mexican Wave going on, then
chanting when I held for 4-4, singing my name.

Obviously I'm sure also some were singing Andy's name, but to hear my name resonate
throughout the stadium was great. I tell you, it gives you goose bumps. It's
great motivation to play well. That's why I played so well this week, and particularly in the final.
Does give you a lift and that belief to keep going for your shot, and then risk pays off.
It's been a great week. Now I look forward to playing at Madison Square Garden,
which is like a special prize on top of it. I play Roddick over there. Got to leave tonight and I
play Monday. A lot of stuff coming my way right now, but so much easier when you do win titles.

Q. Grand Slams, the Olympics, what would be your goals for this year?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, right now it'splaying, enjoying Madison Square Garden,
playing well in Indian Wells-Miami, and then obviously there is a whole big change coming up
to clay, back to Europe, all of that. And then obviously I always said it's a
big trip coming up from the French all the way through Wimbledon, the Olympics Games, and
the US Open. Going to be a lot of points to bedistributed and a lot of prestige that you're going
to be on your best -- I don't want to say best behavior -- but best game in that particular time.
It's one highlight after another.

That's hopefully where I can pick up a few titles. Then again, I know how difficult it is.
It's also about enjoying all these highlights. We have a very lucky tour that we do have many
tournaments in places around the world that mean a lot to me personally, like here, for instance.

It's not just always about Wimbledon and other tournaments. As much as I do love those
places, they're only four tournaments out of theyear. I do play 20, so it's a minority. But I know how big those are. I love every tournament in the year I play. I've just had a great stretch. It's about keeping up the good work and hopefully playing even better tennis, or at least maintaining this level of playing.

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